Men's Grooming Cut$30+
Get in and out with a hairstyle; including a hot towel neck ritual, shampoo, rinse and style.
Buddy Hair Cut$25+
For our friends 6 and under.
Men's Color Balancing$25+
This grey blending service brings a natural and youthful look to hair, beard and sideburns.
Scalp Detox Treatment$15+
This unique add-on service will help remove product and build-up that can clog pores.
Men's Clean UpComplimentary
Keep it neat and pop in for a quick tidy-up of the neckline and ears.
Line Up Detail$8+ | Priced with consultation
Hairline detail using straight razor or trimmer. Finished with your choice of facial balm or oil.
Beard Detail$20+
A blend of barbering techniques to help you achieve your desired beard and facial hair look.
Signature Razor Shave$40+
A traditional razor shave designed to achieve smooth, soft and long-lasting results. Experience an intense hot towel lathering and massage.
Men's Skin Care Treatment$30+
A revitalizing express facial to help reveal a brighter, smoother and more balanced complexion; leaving you and your skin feeling refreshed.
Hand Detailing$24+
Detailing hand massage. Filing and clipping of the nails and excess cuticle removal.
Men's Waxing$8+
Ear, brow, cheek and nose waxing

All prices are subject to change.

One of the changes we’re implementing in the wake of COVID-19 is a 3.5% credit card feethis allows us to avoid charging a sanitation fee and lets us keep our prices the same. This fee won’t apply to gift cards or cash. Thank you for your understanding!